Intensive training program for English speakers.

The advancement and opportunities of renewable technologies as well as ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to tackle climate change leads to the transformation of energy systems globally.

In order to understand and compare different energy sistems the modelling thereof plays a crucial role in planning: old systems need to be transformed to include renewable energy technologies, assets that reach their end of life need to be replaced and novel energy systems are developed in undersupplied regions.

Through energy system modelling, the performance of energy systems can be evaluated alongside various key performance indicators, i.e., the levelized cost of energy, CO2 emissions, capital and operational expenditure or the share of renewable energy in the mix.  To optimize the configuration of energy systems different scenarios can be calculated and their key performance indicator can be compared.  Sensitivity analyses allow an in-depth understanding of how a system performs if one input changes, e.g., if technology cost decrease (such as for storage).

Open-source modelling tools allow such assessments, support sustainable energy planning and provide decision Support for policy development without the reliance on commercial software solutions.

The overall objective of the course is to provide the participants with capabilities, knowledge and confidence to further engage in the development of clean, affordable and reliable energy supply on islands.  Therefore, the course introduces basic concepts of island energy supply systems, informs about main initiatives and knowledge platforms, provides insights in resource assessments and geospatial tools, enables to innmediately use and Excel-based tool, highlights the relevance of resilient energy systems and sector coupling and informs about key measures for policy development.

This is a 2-week intensive course available, free of charge, for all people interested in the assurance of energy supply in islands.